About Us

First, this is the launchpad that organizes and highlights brands for myself, my family, and friends. While working for others, I created several other business plans that I dreamed of launching for over 20 years. Finally, I have the resources, team, and time to make my dreams a reality.

Stover Strategies is designed to be the conduit that supports these efforts and streamlines the process needed to add more brands in the future. As my dreams grow, so does my family and close network. Few things will make me happier during the decades ahead than using this platform to help my loved ones launch more successful brands that stretch across industries to add to our financial independence.

The second purpose of Stover Strategies is to share the formula for multi-brand development with others. Most entrepreneurs I’ve met have more than one great idea. Often, these big goals stretch across industries. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for individuals to successfully articulate, build, launch, and manage concepts simultaneously. This can lead to several challenges for entrepreneurs or family leaders who only have experience in one or a couple of different industries.

A little-known secret of successful people and families is that they create multiple businesses. For example, there are tremendous benefits to setting up LLCs for your family, your business, and your “side hustle”. But there are very few resources or people that talk about this and help others begin the journey. The consulting arm of Stover Strategies is designed to help others outside of my family. If you lead a classroom or office, consider yourself an entrepreneur, or simply have a family that could benefit from organizing finances under an LLC, reaches out to learn how Stover Strategies can help.

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After multiple decades of developing successful brands for others, Stover Strategies was launched to highlight how this approach should be used by others. Stover Strategies achieves this goal by executing 2 important purposes.