Creating and managing 1 successful business plan can be very difficult. Creating multiple businesses or brands at once can be so challenging that it causes others to stall or even suffer failure.

During my 20-plus years career, I watched and helped hundreds of businesses with their launch development, and growth. Some of these businesses were small, local, and family-owned. Others were 8, 9, or 10-figure companies that were among the most successful and fastest-growing in their respective industries.

This experience helped me learn steps needed to guide others on how to follow a process for creating and improving multiple brands and businesses in different industries at once. I am currently using this process to grow Stover Strategies and the businesses under my umbrella.

There are many advantages and financial benefits to this approach. Unfortunately, I did not have many advisers who were capable of helping me create this strategy. I learned many lessons the hard way. Sometimes this resulted in a waste of money and time that I could have used in other areas of my life.

If you have dreams of launching and growing multiple brands, I am available to share how Stover Strategies can help prepare a plan so that you avoid the pitfalls of doing something similar on your own.

The specific areas you might need include:

1. Creating a new business.
2. Developing the online presence for your business.
3. Marketing a business.
4. Sales of your product or idea.

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